SPEARS AC & Heating      (832)420-2665

(832)420-2665 is my primary business line and the best one to call and/or text.

(832)340-6683 my personal cell. it is okay to call but I prefer texting (in case I'm busy)

(832)425-7416 is my original # from 2006 till 2014, this number does not receive texts, only calls because it is permanently forwarded. 

(832)410-4117 belongs to a third party who built another website for me. This # is tracked and also permanently forwarded.. no texts 
​If we don't answer the phone right away please try again in a few minutes or text me. We don't use an answering service and we never turn our phone off but sometimes we get busy
​we prefer texting when its busy.
​If I don't answer the phone please wait a minute and call me back and/or text me.... Here's a list of my #'s
    Click below to pay your invoice.     afterwards please text me so that I 
can update my records.... Thank you
hours of service are 24/7 only in July and August or in the winter if the outside temp is 35 F or below otherwise we are open Mon-Fri  7am - 7pm and Sat-Sun if we installed the equipment or if customer feels that it's an emergency. 

Residential Mon-Fri 7am - 7pm..... $70
Residential after hours, weekends & Holidays.... $90

​Commercial Mon-Fri 7am - 7pm.... $90
Commercial after hours, weekends & Holidays.... $110
          Seasonal checkups are typically done in the SPRING & FALL which is
                         March-April and October-November
​             if you need a routine check up outside these times we might take                                 longer to get to you if it's already very hot or very cold outside.

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